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Dec 29, 2012 4:00am PST
will vote against this, grover norquist says boehner's plan b wouldn't raise taxes. under current law, the rates are set to go up. >> we'll talk to you again, soon, i'm sure, even if it's not that soon it will be in february or march when we have to revisit this all over again. gentlemen, thank you so much. >> take care. >>> a new here no our viewers, you don't want to miss "meet the press," david gregory sitting down with president obama. check local listings for "meet the press" tomorrow morning. >>> turn to weather now. another winter storm. marching north, promising snow. right now, crews and homeowners getting ready in pennsylvania. in massachusetts, coastal residents trying to secure their homes after the last storm, washed way some 20 feet of sand. people are hoping for cooler temperatures and fresh snow in some ski resorts. looking at this in rhode island. meteorologist dylan dreyer with the forecast. >> thanks, c.j. good morning. we're talking about more snow in the northeast. this time around, more of a new england snowstorm, especially southeastern new england. right now, t
Dec 30, 2012 9:00am PST
becoming a pilot. i took ground school. i have an aviation family. my brother is a pilot. my father-in-law worked for boeing. my wife was a flight attendant. i study it. i real a lot of journals. i have done a lot of stories where i have flown in military aircraft. >> you play the bass guitar. i see one here. where did that start? did you ever think of doing it professionally? >> in junior high school, i was in the jazz choir. they wanted a rhythm section. i thought i'll play the bass. i went to the pawnshop in sacramento. $60, i bought a bass and a couple books. how hard can it be? i bought bass method books. i figured it out. don't tell anybody but bass is easy. i started playing in the choir and the jazz band and got into it. i played a little in college in the jazz bands. as i kind of started my career, i laid it aside for awhile. when i moved back to new york in 2000, i took it up again. got the upright bass, which i always wanted. started playing with friends in clubs around town. i have done a few charity events, sitting in on sets. i love it. that bass sitting over there is the sec
Dec 29, 2012 9:00am PST
"unconventional laws." it's an article about how some state laws may seem strange to many residents. one that mandates bicycle riders should keep one hand on the handle bars at all times or get this you could face 90 days in jail or a fine of up to $750. >>> well, three days now to go. you've been hearing about this fiscal cliff. i know you're tired of hearing of it. you've got three more days to hear of it. we might be going off that cliff here shortly. it's the focus right now in d.c. but it's also our focus, the senate in particular. majority leader harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell are rushing trying to put together a last-ditch agreement for a bargain, some kind of a bipartisan bargain. joining me right now political editor for the pbs news hour and white house reporter for the "washington post." hello to you both. okay. last minute deal. christina, do we have time for this? i mean, i talked to representative cummings. most of the representatives are not even in washington, d.c. right now. if they hammer something out in the senate, do we have enough time to make it by
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3